my business line has been hacked/aka re-directed for over a year

my business line, 646 470 1178, has not been working as it should be for some time now — roughly the last fiscal year. if you have left me messages on this line, it is very likely that they never came through. many of the calls to my business lines, particularly the above number, are being re-routed to random or spam numbers, or even to numbers on the caller’s contact list. if you have reached out, please call again, and also call my alternate number at 818 253 9690 and leave an additional message on that line (with your first name only, as I have always requested). unless you speak with me directly, do not schedule any appointment or make any otherwise arrangements.

the person(s) tampering with me are being monitored, and will be brought to justice. I am entering a brand new chapter in my life, and although it is surprising what’s happened, it’s really just a “giant at the gate”, so to speak. as we rise, we are repeatedly tested to see what we can handle. I will always rise. new gate guards are being set up for me, just like they are for anyone who is about to make a difference in the world.